Jet comes from a relatively poor household and unwed parents, both of which are very large contributing factors in them not attending college. They picked up a job at the Cherryvale post office when they turned eighteen and have been working there ever since. Their relationship with their parents is very complicated; Jet cares for them both deeply but maintains a needed distance.

They have terrible luck with dating and this upsets them greatly. The combination of their social awkwardness, open and vocal obsession with ska music, and being the world's worst driver doesn't make them very popular with the ladies. They had a long unrequited crush on Julie for several years but now the two are best friends and share an apartment in Cherryvale.

In the last year of Allen's disppearance, Jet has been spending marginally more time with Vel and Grayson instead of Levi. Because of Julie's constant asks for Jet to check in on Levi on her behalf, it has created some animosity between the two.


  • Brittany Wilson - Mother
  • Robert Anderson - Father

  • Levi Stocklin - Friend (?)
  • Grayson Rivers - Friend
  • Allen Miller - Friend
  • Lovell 'Vel' Davis - Close Friend
  • Julie Davis - Close Friend, Roommate
  • Madame Selena - Non-Committal Girlfriend

    TRIVIA !

  • Favorite color is orange.
  • Favorite food is anything spicy.
  • Favorite musicians are Reel Big Fish, The Specials, and The Interrupters.