Grayson is finishing his teaching degree at University of Nebraska Omaha, a little over an hour away from Cherryvale. He is a chronic job hopper, but most often finds himself working as a barista. They aspire to be a high school teacher someday, ideally also the coach of a school's baseball team. His parents still live in Cherryvale, but Grayson and his father have a rocky relationship; so he now lives in an apartment in Omaha.

He is a recent convert to the emo lifestyle, which is a major influence in keeping his hair straightened and maintaining a bleached streak, that is routinely changing colors with hair wax. In highschool, he was captain of the baseball team and still takes great pride in his athleticism. Their friends joke that they are a 'lover boy,' since he often finds himself in frequent short-term relationships and falling head over heels for any beauty he sees. Even his current relationship has only been official for four months. He is fond of alcohol and homebrews all sorts of weird concoctions in his apartment.

Within the last year, Grayson fully moved out of his parents' house and into the city, no longer splitting his time between Cherryvale and Omaha. This was done without any communication to his friends, and that decision has heavily changed the friend group.


  • Cynthia Rivers - Mother
  • Angelo Rivers - Father
  • Sofia Rivers - Older Sister

  • Levi Stocklin - Former Best Friend
  • Allen Miller - Former Best Friend (?)
  • Julie Davis - Friend
  • Lovell 'Vel' Moore - Friend
  • Jet Wilson - Friend
  • Matt Byrd - Boyfriend, Roommate

    TRIVIA !

  • Favorite color is dark red.
  • Favorite food is chicken alfredo.
  • Favorite musicians are Set It Off, Fall Out Boy, and The All-American Rejects.